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A "literary" book has yet to be successfully defined, though I do think I write them. Perhaps the oddity of "literary" is that any genre can have literary books. "Literary" is more than the genre itself, and enhances the conceit of , let's say, thriller, of fantasy or romance. However, do...
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Rank­ings, Rat­ings, and Statistics—how many #1 Best Sell­ers are there? Tech­ni­cally, at any given moment in time, there should be only one, right? (Name that movie/television series.) Yet we see peo­ple boast­ing that they’re best-selling authors all the time. How...
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Ah, the writing day has become the publishing day.  I'm using over half of my writing time addressing my next weak area, publishing a book.  I've decided I'm keen to put my book into reader's hands.  So I'm exploring and learning. I've come across several interesting items about it...
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I’m still look­ing for 500 “Likes” on my Face­book page. Once I hit that num­ber, I’ll hold a con­test. You don’t have to like my page to enter, but the sooner I hit that mile­stone, the sooner I’ll open the con­test to entries. (Hint: spread the word!) And, I still...
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Here are a couple of exact links to help authors if they plan to go the self-publishing route (which I don't advise but it is an increasing avenue). Also, there is now an easier way to find out which self-published books are selling.   * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *   CJ Lyons Sweeps Self...
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So now that the pricing structure of e-books has been resolved once and for all, where does that leave the authors, without whom the publishers, their employees, and agents might be on food stamps? Once the gatekeepers of the printed word, the power of the publishing community has been severely...
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For some writers this is no big deal. But for me, a first-class techniphobe, this is a big step.  My hope is that my Redroom blogs, infrequent as they are, will now appear on my Amazon.com author's page.  So I will keep this entry short and to the point.  With a new book coming out this fall, THE...
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What does it take to becme a best seller? A whole lot of work, connections and friends and a few prayers! That's what i did and i am happy to announce that it paid off. My book MY MOTHER THE MAN-EATER was listed as a best seller in the 'Romance-contemporary' category on Amazon.ca.
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After 30 days of reading about writing and publishing nonfiction during the Write Nonfiction in November challenge, you might still wonder what special ingredient you need to create successful nonfiction books as well as articles, ebooks, and other information products. By “successful” I mean...
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I just wanted to say 'thank you' to everyone who has visited my author page on Red Room because the number of visits to my profile page has hit the 30,000 mark.  I have no idea how this compares with other authors and no doubt some very well known authors, including those in the best seller lists,...