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If I may I would like to suggest a book that would make a great gift;  it is The Quiet Quarter - Ten years of Great Irish Writing (published by New Island). I am looking forward to reading it and giving it to family as a Christmas present. The book is a result of a radio slot called The Quiet...
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'Small Dogs, Big Hearts' by Darlene Arden will help people 'get' little dogs and their little dog world view like never before. Check out  radio shows with Darlene as my guest   www.campgooddog.
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Today I traveled Portland on errands listening to a treatise on turkey sex. No, it was not a CD of some agricultural quarterly. I was listening to the last few chapters of Barbara Kingsolver's wonderful book Animal, Vegetable, Miracle: A Year of Food Life read by the author. It's her family's tale...
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Mark Twain's colorful account of his overland trip from St. Joseph, Missouri to Virginia City, Nevada and a subsequent voyage to Hawaii make Roughing It the best "road trip" book, even before there were road trip books.   According to a posting on Wikipedia: "U.S. astronauts...