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My latest piece is up at http://www.broadstreetreview.com/index.php/main/article/the_boys_of_winter_a_basketball_metaphorNot unusually, I preferred my title and felt my prose disenhanced by the editing, but you can't have everything.  Anyway, it begins (or began):    They came...
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I hadn’t been to Chez Panisse for ten years, but a friend brought me to the restaurant today, and my goodness, what wonderful food! For the few who don’t know of Chez Panisse, it’s a restaurant in Berkeley known for using local, organic foods and credited as the inspiration for the style of...
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Thirty-three acclaimed writers share their memories about one of the most successful  poetry cooperatives in United States history. Sometimes humorous, occasionally bittersweet, and always insightful, this collection of essays and memoirs recounts the tumultuous times in Berkeley when...
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My sister was the needy one (asthma and an OCD that led her out of the house at night into the complete darkness—our house backed on to a lemon orchard—where she had to tap the playhouse fifteen times before going to bed), my brother was the smart one (skipping a grade, speaking multiple...
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  While visual artists like photographers love to show as part of a group, there’s a certain cachet about having one’s own show.  It’s happening a second time for Johnna, and this time she’s built a remarkable interior structure—something people can actually walk inside of— about which...
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I'll be reading with Chana Bloch and Ann Fisher-Wirth at Moe's Books in Berkeley, (http://www.moesbooks.com/pages/Store-Events-.html) on Thursday 21 February, at 7:30 pm. Web Link:  http://www.moesbooks.com/Location: Moe's books, 2476 Telegraph AveunueCity: BerkeleyState: ...
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The "Virtual Berkeley" site has honored another 20-or-s0 former residents, including Philip K. Dick, Timothy Leary, Edward Teller, Thornton Wilder, and the area's first vegetarians.  My contribution was Beserkley Records.  You can read all about them and more at OOPS!  THE EDITOR HAS...
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it's that time of year...for my perennial, untoppable "fruits-and-nuts" American-family culture clash Thanksgiving story: Spirit of the Season(ing)
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So I'm heading down Vine, turning left on Shattuck, aiming for the cafe and two women are crossing north-to-south in front of me and one of them is saying "...but the other point guard was John Stockton."  They are  both cute, early twenties; one is carrying what looks enough like a law...
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My efforts on behalf of Adele's and my favorite restaurant (See:  Blog of July 12, 2012) attracted as much interest from the San Francisco Chronicle, East Bay Express, and Berkeley Daily Planet combined, as they apparently did at Red Room (zilch).  However, an intrepid reporter at feisty...