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In an authentic search for God, the cosmos of inclusiveness just keeps widening and expanding, not unlike the ever-expanding universe in which we live. That’s a bit of a paraphrase of something Fr. Richard Rohr says in his book Immortal Diamond.   It has been my experience, too. It seems...
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At this moment, I sometimes don’t understand Africa and our mentality. Before you come up with all sorts of comments against me, give me a chance to explain my case.  I guess it’s nothing new, may be it is for some of you, but what’s my point here? I cannot understand that we’re spending our...
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My new, revised, version of "What I Believe" is almost ready: written, I hope, as a consistent article. This has been extraordinarily difficult because of having to write in a "linear" fashion, whereas on thing leads to another more like a computer program. I have to keep...
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One of the themes of my book, Torn by God: A Family's Struggle with Polygamy, is that people who are in the position of speaking for God are in a position of great power. They get to say what reality is not only in this life, but in the next as well. The code we use to make decisions about what is...