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I expect more out of myself.  each and every day.  i expect more. Today, I will do more. Today, i will meet my own expectations.
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I don’t believe I’ve ever truly “hated” anyone… Not the 80+ year old uncle who was supposed to be babysitting me but instead molested me when I was in 3rd grade or the ex boyfriend who tried to date rape me as he showed me his new apartment. Not even my ex fiancé who used me as punching bag one...
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Letting go, oh how I love to do it! How many times do you hear yourself or someone say that? Probably not all that often. It's hard to let go and in fact I don't generally do it without some hemming or hawing. Last year I packed up my studio and put my life in storage. A pretty traveled person to...
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Radio show on Rebooting your life with author John Traficante and  LA radio host Chelsea KrostJohn speaks to Chelsea on LA radio and her audience about his book "A Total Reboot" on How to Reboot and be your True Self.click on the link to listen: http://www.latalkradio.com/archives/Chelsea...