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  We (can) go from wanting everything to wanting nothing. This vector of desire makes sense to me. We (can) go from conditional joy (enjoying ourselves only when conditions are in accordance with our desires) to unconditional joy (enjoying ourselves regardless of the conditions we find...
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THIS IS TO BE A FAMOUS LETTER This is to be a famous letter. My life is deeply enmeshed in yours. You blossom in the corner of my mind and live there. The image laughs with me. We think with common attitudes. Like-minded, we absorb together the gist of life. Lovingly, we feed on the melody in music...
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"Personality is the glitter that sends your little gleam across the footlights and the orchestra pit into that big black space where the audience is.” Mae West From the time we are born until we take our last breath humans desire to be noticed and affirmed by others. As infants we crave and...
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One day as I was driving, all of the trees seemed to come to life. The air became vibrant as the wind blew through the trees, and I could feel the energy and nature all around me, lifting me up with the wind. And, for the first time since the tragedies, I was able to take complete deep breaths,...
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There are only ten more days until tax season comes to an end. I feel guilty each year because I don't put in as much time as the others. There were years that I did, but I listen to my body. Even though I'm younger than the other two, their body's seem more able to withstand the long days. But...
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When I said I am rebel People did not take it well When I said “go to hell” They kept quiet and did not tell   When I said I am holy They did not question wholly They followed me but with suspicion No permission was granted from religion  ...
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After I wrote, after I posted my thoughts, after I read others' posts and read the news, I sat back, sipped my coffee, looked out the window, and just let myself be.
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1:27am. Baby has been crying so I am awake. Downstairs I sit down to read. I see a stink bug on the floor. Correction: I see a fellow neural colony inside a stink bug body-form. (I am relating to it: the neurons inside this insect are same as mine, just fewer, it’s a neural namaste moment). I...
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All phenomenology is just life of skin: the inner-outer dynamics of whatever is. Skin of Being
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My walking time has dropped. A busy schedule forced cuts;  that's where the cuts were applied.  The daily average has dropped down to almost two miles a day. I've amended my exercise by hopping up onto the Stairmaster in the evening.  It does cause me to ooze with sweat in the way I...