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A great perk of having a book out in the world is that it acts as a kind of calling card, bringing people into your world, and you into theirs. Beth Hoffman, author of the New York Times bestselling novel Saving CeeCee Honeycutt, is one of the most generous people I've ever met, in addition to...
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On Angela Fountas’s  wonderful web site for writers, Write Habit, she offers a great list of literary magazines especially for new and emerging writers. What got my attention was her definition of new/emerging writers — “emerging meaning writers who have not yet published a book, and new meaning...
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I was recently reading last year's Best New Writing (or Best Young Writing, or Best American Writing they all run together after a while), and discovered with some shock the exceeding sadness of the first story. It was about an older man, his self-absorbed lesbian daughter, and their cancerous old...
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   Will the E-book replace ink and paper books? No.  However, get used to seeing E-books share retail space along with a 1,500 page War and Peace. Portable electronic books are not about to  invade the business or consumer world quickly as the Internet, cell phone, and PDA which have complicated...
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I actually got started writing by mistake. My son was visiting, and doing the 'guy with remote' thing and stopped clicking at Highlander. He said it was a cool show, with people who couldn't die unless you cut off their heads, and then you got all their power. Being a savvy mom, I watched the show...