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  The Origins of Wine and Beer: DMA Pours Out the Factsby Andrew Chalk According to Dr. Patrick McGovern, wine may date back as far as 8500 BC. McGovern knows his stuff. He is the director of the Biomolecular Archaeology Laboratory for Cuisine, Fermented Beverages, and Health at the...
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Look To The Hills 1.     Straight from a CEO’s assistant. She says the name of the game is (1) focus (2) figure it out (3) finalize and (4) forward HO. Lucky boss! 2.     Waiters lacking peripheral vision fail. Same story with executives and parents. 3.     Face up to the real issue. Rearranging...
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I am so pleased... I have finished my second novel.  I have edited it already and debating whether or not to self publish again.  The art work was commissioned and is complete and I am the happiest author in North London.
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There are many Anglophiles and Francophiles in The Netherlands, people who adore respectively England and France. There are also quite a few America Experts, a wide-ranging concept in my opinion. Does it mean that you are an authority on McDonald’s activities, know the ins and outs of Wall Street...
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Sometime in the 1970s before my father became a voluntary mute, before my mother started going to the nude beach and growing marijuana, before my sister, Becca, was anorexic and before my brother, Josh, created a second home for himself on a platform three-stories high up a eucalyptus tree, we were...
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  Kid’s bangs blending with tall grass, we watched Them cross the lot, some stumbling already, brush Aside the door, entering a place that wanted No part of us. What went on in there? We wondered and wished we could know and better Than know. The red slab swung wide then slammed,And like the...
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Sunday UK Blog - A date with John Barleycorn I was due to have an author on my show this last week whose co-written a book about partying, drinking games, and hangover cures after attending 15 Colleges in the US and not getting one academic success, except for being known for running some of the...
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Every so often some group or other reports that certain things are good for you, then a few days later another group replies that the same item is bad for you. While it’s been noted for some time that a pint or two of beer per day is medically good for you, last week it was reported… Drinking...
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This week the Daily Sam has left the country to become a foreign correspondent. During this week I will be blogging from an undisclosed location in Latin America where I will be investigating international matters such as the consumption of light, refreshing Mexican beers, etc. But there is another...
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A few doors down from the almost barren corner of Adeline and 40th in Emeryville, California, stands the Café Biere, a friendly gleam of Europe that livens up the neighborhood and may be the next mecca for the Bay Area’s large swarm of serious beer connoisseurs. Its cozy room serves up one of the...