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If you had to choose just one room in your home to make environmentally friendly, it should be your bedroom. We can unsuspectingly create a toxic environment by sleeping on the wrong type of mattress, or exposing ourselves to electronic devices that interfere with sleep. Getting good quality sleep...
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His painting that has always resonated the most with me (the hermit) is "The Bedroom" and as I'm approaching this . . . icon a show-off loudmouth father says to his kid: "This is his bedroom. He painted his actual bedroom. Now you see the colors, but he didn't just use colors--- the colors...
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As the "project", aka the new (old) house, continues, we are now working on the bathroom.  Like most of the house, it is getting a full makeover (we are getting rid of all those blues). So in preparation a month ago, we ordered a linen cabinet, a shower kit, a shower door, and a vanity...
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We are finally working on the master bedroom.  As such, new walls have to be built, but first, we had to prepare the space that we have chosen to make our master bedroom.  In the new (old) house, AKA the "project", it is the former kitchen that is being changed to a bedroom.  The...
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HAPPY VALENTINES’ DAY! You are ready for that special relationship to blossom.  You want more love and romance and in your life. Feng Shui for love, romance and passion can help to bring you your heart’s desire. The Bedroom, when enhanced with a few simple changes, will not only attract love but...