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becoming a first-time author | becoming a first-time author

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It's been a couple years, now.  After NaNoWriMo was over, and I'd hit the 50,000 word mark, it was tricky getting back in and editing those thousands of hastily written words. My friends helped comb through it, looking for the most glaring inconsistencies, jarring transitions, or confusing...
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Here I am to announce the beginning of my journey down a path in life reserved only for writers. I have decided that I am going to be a writer. I don't say "become a writer" on purpose because I am of the belief that if I want to become something, I have to start acting and doing the...
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I often find myself struggling with simply getting started on a book project of my own. I can dig into the editing of someone else's manuscript with no problem; after all, they've already overcome their own overwhelm and written the whole book.   Plus, I'm still struggling with the idea of self-...