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"Beautiful Soon Enough," her short stories of twenty-three fearless women “sing like an ocean”— they are beautiful, dangerous, and at times, even horrific.  It is Berdeshevsky’s poetic prose that compels these women to life, brings them like apparitions into our world, forcing each to...
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FC2 AWARD: Margo Berdeshevsky's illustrated short stories, "BEAUTIFUL SOON ENOUGH" won American Book Review/Ronald Sukenick Innovative Fiction Prize --("thrillingly cutting-edge") ... E book version of “Beautiful Soon Enough” …now available on the University of Alabama's website...
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http://margoberdeshevsky.blogspot.com     + see  POSTCARDS TO THE BODY POLITIC :   http://blackearthinstitute.wordpress.com/2012/09/25/hath-september-day-25-postcards-to-the-body-politic-margo-berdeshevsy/   +   ** See  "Letters from Paris "...