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Rarely have I sought to write poetry. Oh, I’ve done it for 50-year celebrations, retirement parties, events honoring someone. And, yes, I’ve written them to/about my children on special occasions –when my daughter graduated from nursing school, for my son’s graduation from law school, on my...
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I know that charities have to have fund raisers. They have to have drives to try to get the funding they so desperately need to help whoever they are helping, but the thing is I like supporting causes that I care about. Duh, we all do, right? So how many people donate money out of the blue to their...
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I don’t know how people live with chronic pain. It saps your energy, it displaces your sunny disposition and it constantly reminds you that you are vulnerable.  A random, freak accident left me with a black eye, a bruised temple, and a laceration held together by glue.  It also quickly triggered a...