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For my partner Johnny's  61st birthday, we took the train from London to the beautiful historic town of Bath. The last time I was there was in 1977 when my husband and I hitch-hiked and camped all over  Britain. It seems to me that apart from the modern thermal spa which opened at the...
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I met the lovely Molly at an Erotic Meet event and we hit it off immediately. The more we spoke the more we realised how much we had in common, what with us both being North London girls, living quite close to each other (back then) and attending neighbouring schools. So when she asked me to write...
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I've been looking everywhere I can for the upside to this inconvenience (not to mention the frequently astonishing pain) caused by the coup d'état my back has staged. It ain't easy. I could dwell on the fact that I can't walk more than a few yards without needing to sit down, or how nighttime sleep...
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Hot bath time bubbles on red skin pop With a giggle and a yawn and a happy smile. “Wake me with warm milk and a hug, if you dare...”
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I was in Birmingham last Saturday, signing copies of 'The Wonderful Demise of Benjamin Arnold Guppy' at Borders in the Bull Ring. The signing was a special one for two reasons. Firstly, I was born and brought up in Birmingham, so going back was like going home. I've moved around a fair bit and...
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Image a moonlit night in Bath, England...a devilishly handsome rake dressed in his finest black and white suit...a public bath in the middle of the city with mist gently rising off the dark waters.  A whispered dare is glibly given. And a lovely but painfully proper Regency lady on the verge of...
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Up on high, in the attic of Waterstone's Booksellers in Bath, there is a room... a special place. A place where you can scribble on the walls and not end up being dragged out of the store by security. The walls of the room are reserved for the signatures of authors who have signed books at the...
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Hope always finds a way to keep the human spirit alive. In this case, it's being revived through a traditional method that's survived thousands of years -- purification through prayerful immersion in water. The mikveh (a communal ritual bath) has been used for centuries by Orthodox Jewish women to...