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bataan death march | bataan death march

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The family I often prefer is the family of my choice, the people with whom I have shared good times and bad and have become close to. Blood family can often depress and repress. And sometimes, like today, family is irritating and petty. On Sunday, I wrote about a man who visited our home many...
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My Old Man was a Bastard.  Oh, he didn’t start out that way.  He started out as a sweet-faced, quiet farm boy from Bard, New Mexico, a flyspeck collection of adobe and frame houses just off the Caprock on the northern New Mexico plains, about midway between Santa Fe – where I was born – and...
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I AM HELD HOSTAGE BY THE MOB/ARTIE'S AMAZING STORY One shiny suit takes my car keys. The other pokes me with a hairy finger. "Go." They walk me down a dark, narrow ramp, bumping me back and forth between them. My legs buckle, my mouth goes dry. They breathe hard like they're angry....