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I had some banana cream pie for dessert tonight. My enthusiasm for this dessert goes back to my childhood in Japan where my family lead an expatriate lifestyle, acculturating to the host culture for an authentic experience of Japan without abandoning our Anglo-American folkways, following the...
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The new issue of the Haiku Society of America's excellent FROGPOND journal is out. The following interview appears there.   “At the Heart of The Heart of Haiku: An Interview with Jane Hirshfield”   This interview was conducted by email in August, 2011.   CE: Thank you, Jane, for...
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Best American Poetry: A Conversation Between Brian Bouldrey and Jane Hirshfield from: http://blog.bestamericanpoetry.com/the_best_american_poetry/2011/09/boul...   September 22, 2011 A Conversation between Brian Bouldrey & Jane Hirshfield, Pt. 2 photo (c) Robert Hatch Photography (...
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Journal of Renga & Renku Issue #1 is now available Edited and published by Norman Darlington and Moira Richards, this issue contains 170 pages of Poetry, Essays, Translations, Commentaries and Reports Read the Table of Contents below Leaf through the 17-page preview online Order the 170-...
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Workshop with Peter Thabit Jones, Kristine Doll and August Bover   I went to an excellent workshop at the Dylan Thomas Centre in Swansea last Saturday. It was chaired by Swansea poet, Peter Thabit Jones, editor of The Seventh Quarry. Kristine Doll from the USA, and August Bover from Catalonia...