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Much has been written about that eminent scientist Albert Einstein and his brain. A man who made a valiant attempt to encapsulate the essence of the universe in one magical equation.Yet ,still seeming to fall short.Roland Barthes, the French philosopher,seems captivated by Einstein's brain in his...
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Roland Barthes might be found chuckling in his grave this morning at all of the poet egos lamenting, laughing over, or wringing their hands about a kind of anthology that appeared on the web this morning (read the irate comments already piling up here).  Happily, it appears on a blog called, “For...
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Diciembre 24, 2007. Te escribo por pura casualidad. En el avión, mi mamá me llenaba la declaración de la DIAN.  Creo que disfruta haciendo cosas por mí. Pero por un segundo decidí hacerme la responsable para terminar de llenarla, y así quedarme con el esfero más delicioso que conozco. Aunque llevo...