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 Early in my brother's foray into 4-H, Dad bought him some sheep--Cheeko, Meeko, Peeko, and Baa Baa. Mine was Baa Baa. (NOT the sheep pictured here. These two were Ophelia and Isaac Hayes from several years later.) We spent nearly every Sunday afternoon that summer, clip, clip clipping the...
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With the thermometer in my kitchen never dipping below 35C....  read more
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In advance of your Labor Day, no need to tell your guests to save up on calories so they can enjoy the festive food. Warm summer days such as Labor Day is always an excuse for barbecue.  Some do it the old fashioned way with charcoal while others prefer the less messy way with gas. I...
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image via familyvacationcritic.com I talked to my old friend, Eric Taylor, musician and songwriter extraordinaire. He lives in Texas, the current epicenter of a major drought and hundred-plus temperatures, and the whole damn place is now a tinderbox. We all want to pop a few tops, 'cue some steaks...
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This Saturday, October 23, sixty-one domestic and seventeen international teams gathered in Lynchburg, Tennessee (pop. 361) for the 22nd Annual Jack Daniel’s World Championship Invitational Barbecue. I was honored to be invited to be a judge at this year’s competition, and after taking a Kansas...
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Finally summer has arrived in Toronto. I thought it was never coming but I am happy it's finally here. It so humid that drinking a gin & tonic works up a sweat. It's certainly warm enough to eat outside and a good choice for the air conditioning free like us. Here is what we'll be enjoying this...
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Last week, I began writing a Memorial Day blog. Back on Veterans' Day, I posted a blog and believe I said some really nice things, but while writing this one, I began to feel preachy. After all, I never served in the military, so while I understood the sacrifice that many soldiers made - that this...
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The world is full of wonderful ways to add calories in interesting places. Here are my top six dining experiences of 2008. -- A $10 ticket buys all you can eat at the annual World Championship Chuck Wagon Roundup in Amarillo, Texas, where up to 40 teams cook outdoors over an open fire, using cast...
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I always boiled my corn. Removing the husks and silk then dropping them into boiling salted water, before draining and slathering with butter, adding nothing more than sea salt and freshly ground pepper. The pepper surprised my husband who, until he met me, only added salt. Then, like many who read...