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I’ve written often about my conviction that getting big money out of politics is the necessary precursor to anything like a meaningful democracy in the United States. Most recently, it was in “The Impasse”: I continue to believe that purging the electoral system of private money is the...
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Son Jason arrived promptly at 10 a.m. to find me in bed.  He was going to Occupy activities and to pay up to our benefactors at the corner for all their good will toward us recently.   Soon I was up, turning on my newly recorded iTune library and starting to sort through a formidable...
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Today, I was going to take part in an Occupy the Tenderloin meeting with Son Jason, but I was not feeling well, and besides, we had the wrong day!  Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow . . . .    This turn gave me time to watch the Republican Super Tuesday spectacle.  Every cable...
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Here's what we've come to: more people would rather share their home with a ghost in exchange for free rent than support Barack Obama's policies. OK, it's not an exact comparison. The Obama statistic was a disapproval rating among voters in a Monday Politico poll and the ghost thing was a USA Today...
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In 1991, a group of high-flying Navy and Marine fighter jocks gathered at their annual Tailhook convention in Las Vegas, named after the contraption that affixes to the wheels of a jet as it lands on an aircraft carrier, bringing it to a stop. Young and full of testosterone, they drank and whooped...