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Dear little whistling boy you don't know me but how sweet the sound that you produce is to my ears, my senses, as I sit in this bank totting up figures on a page.  If I closed my eyes you could be the tiny robin perched on the tree beyond my kitchen window, so lyrical is the music you make with...
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In line at Washington Mutual, WaMu... like waiting to pick up a check at Unemployment, which, years ago, I did. Lost my job as a technical writer, writer of software user manuals at SCO, because my style was "too literary." Anyway, Washington Mutual is, apparently, being--or has been?--...
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Banking games are no fun, not unless you're the banker that is. If I sound disenchanted, you are right. I did not have a good banking experience today. It's a shame, especially when a win-win situation is possible. You see, I went to a bank today that shall be nameless to renew a risk-free (yes,...