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Despite the usual spate of breathless hyperbole ("This is an amazing surprise. It was there for so many years and people were sitting on it when it was a loaded cannon!”) and misnomers ("Parks workers came upon a LIVE (emphasis mine) cannon ball loaded in a [Amer. Revolution-era?] cannon...
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You know the kid who has all the newest toys that the manufacturers have to offer, but prefers playing in a big box? I am reminded of that kid when I watch my dog go for the pine cone as if it is the most treasured prize in the world--yes, he likes tennis balls, has filled my car with six of them,...
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I've been staying at my mom's house during the holidays.  I got to her place on Sunday, December 21st, right before lunch.  As I unloaded my things into my old room, my brother informed me that we need to bow to a bunch of food.  That was our way of saying that it was once again time to observe one...
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Here we go! Installment two of a six part series of my recent submission to The New Yorker. Little backstory: I was in my friend's bathroom--taking care of business--and I noticed his his stack of TNY magazines on the top of his toilet (see? you thought i was going '#2'...freak, but I digress...