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On Tuesday, November 6th, the polls will open and as American citizens it is our right and duty to cast our ballot for the person who we feel will best fulfill the role as president.  Now is point of inflection, a time of change and a moment of choice. But how do you make this important...
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How much should we gamble with the future.   Ballot measures 82 and 83 have shown up in Oregon. 82 is about amending the state's constitution to authorize private casinos. Tribal casinos are currently the only authorized casinos in Oregon and gambling isn't authorized, except for the state's...
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I went through a range of thoughts when it was first announced on Sunday that New York Mets 3B David Wright would not be starting the 2012 All-Star game; 1). My first thought was there must be some mistake because there is NO WAY that Pablo “Kung Fu Panda” Sandoval would ever be selected over...