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                                                          Wife has returned home from his father’s house. She is tired by daily shopping with her sister, going abroad. And today she has mild fever and body pain.She searchs kitchen. No vegetables in fridge. She asked me to buy some for a week.I say...
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When you have five 11 year old boys lounging around your living room on a rainy Friday night, you sense the energy of potential—for fun, for trouble, for innumerable spontaneous antics. On such a night, not a moment should be wasted. What do you want do? the question circulates. I don't know. What...
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When I used to study ballet -- as an adult in my thirties -- I wasn't bad -- for an adult in my thirties -- except for the turns. Mechanically, I could do them fine. But even once I learned to "spot," finding a place on the opposite wall to snap my eyes to after every turn, I'd end up...
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How do you balance your family and your writing? This is a question I am often asked, and if I answer it truthfully—it isn’t easy. I have three children ages 7, 13, and 16, so they are all at very different stages in their lives and this can make for some interesting dynamics. My seven year-old...