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balance during the holidays | balance during the holidays

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If you are grieving this holiday season, I invite you to read an article I wrote for the Open to Hope Foundation on coping with your loss during the holidays. http://www.opentohope.com/?post=20-tips-to-manage-grief-during-the-first-holiday 
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During the holiday season, many people find themselves sleep-deprived.  The reasons for lack of sleep can be positive or negative.  Although staying up late at parties, eating and drinking a lot, and having friends and family over at your house can be a significant source of fun and pleasure and...
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  In our day to day life, we do feel pressure to take care of everyone and everything else and at the holidays this feeling doesn't go away, it usually gets stronger. Whether it's making sure the holiday dinner is cooked perfectly, the holiday party is a smash success, cards are sent out on time,...