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Isn't it interesting that when someone tries to harm you they end up helping you? I'll bet if they knew, they'd stop causing trouble and meddling. I certainly wouldn't want that. It's like a bad review. On the surface, your work has been slammed -- HARD. It's a blow to the ego and to everything...
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I received, ironically (or perhaps fittingly) a bad review (One Star, but at least she finished it...that’s a good thing) and the best recommendation for Teenaged Pussies From Outer Space: A Love Story within hours of each other. The bad review was accurate. The book is filthy and silly and...
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Confessions of a Second-Rate Author           I’m second rate, maybe even third. Feels good to admit it, like coming out of the closet. After ten books in eleven years, I’m still not making much money and probably never will.  Do I have an excuse?...
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There are times when an author's life is not interesting, usually when editing and rewriting endlessly to make a book just right. I think of Goldilocks and what having everything just right did for her and I cringe. It's hard for a perfectionist to get past the need to keep tweaking a book. An...
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It was the best of times; it was the worst of times. For every moment of awe a writer has at seeing her book on a shelf, at being told by readers what comfort they found in your words, come the times when you read the word “blech” in a reader’s review. It’s part of the business and there’s no...
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On Castle this week, the murder centered around a body shoved into a pizza oven and nearly burned beyond recognition. The owner, Authentic Nick, whose real name was Ralph, was certain the culprit was one of his three competitors, each with their own Nick's Pizza store and a different version of...
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I've been posting links to all my blog tour activity on Facebook, and yesterday I came across a negative review. I dutifully posted it under the heading I SUCK, and got some interesting responses: No you don't. Pish. It is a wonderful book--beautifully written. don't let that one write up...
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Although this transcript is verbatim, it is interesting to watch. Question: How do you deal with bad reviews? Yann Martel:  It’s hard.  Just today I got a bad review of my book in the New York Times.  The day it comes out, I’m in New York, the Goddamn New York Times gives me a terrible review.  It...
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My essay, "I Dreamt a Review in the New York Times," about bad reviews is up at The Nervous Breakdown.  Check it out here.
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Bad reviews are every author's lot, but what is one to do upon receiving them? I mean - someone hates you! And they hate your whole family and your cute kitten whom you saved from drowning, and they hate all the charities you support, and they hope you die very soon of some horrible flesh-eating...