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People who regularly read my blogs know I make it a habit never to write bad things about other writers' books. Not trying to dictate what others should do - it's just a personal philosophy. But every now and then a writer says or does something that, well, gets on my nerves. And since this little...
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Is it just me, or does it seem like people have gotten really rude in the last few years?  Have civility and manners become outmoded fashion?  Does expecting people to behave themselves with at least a modicum of respect for others make me a relic?  Ok, I know that there have always been badly...
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South Carolina Congressman Joe Wilson, it turns out, was just the red-faced canary in the coal mine of anger toxicity poisoning our national psyche. Fury is being unleashed across the land and don't say you weren't warned: it's all been astrologically predicted. While you've been burying your...
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Manners are in every nation. The happy nation with the good manners. Some are good while others are bad. Like here in Yemen there are some good manners. Such as when a stranger comes to a village, men are responsible to make him feel at home! From the other hand, they sometimes enforce...
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    "Makeup can only do so much," Marco at Bendel's said,     when I went for my wedding consultation.   He would "try."     To bulk up the fairy tale aura, he glued my turquoise-and-candlelight lids     with spidery lashes, and presto! piled on a braided hair piece,     a kind...
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An Open Letter to Men Who Don't Wash Their Hands in the Public Bathroom By Mark Budman I know this is nothing compared to a roadside bomb, campus shootings or the health care fiasco, but why don't you stop for thirty lousy seconds to wet your hands with water? Perhaps you are hungry for some finger...
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It was dark out, maybe eight p.m., when my I heard my husband's key in the door.  "Where's Heather?" I asked. "What do you mean 'where's Heather?'  You were supposed to pick her up from day care!" "No, you said you were going to pick her up!" "Miss Becky closes...
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I am an epileptic. I have suffered from epilepsy, posttraumatic convulsion syndrome, because I had meningitis in childhood, ever since I was eight. I have to take strong doses of different drugs, but I managed to do the master's degree and educate myself. I studied American literature. I am the...
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Bad manners are just the lack of good ones.Good manners are the outcome of something called :CIVIC EDUCATION.Listen to Michael,a specialist in the matter,in this video of mine  I shot last year. http://www.redroom.com/video/civic-education 
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                Perhaps we have to distinguish between manners and etiquette. The latter is largely a matter of instinct and common sense and any solecism rarely important, at least among those of the same cultural background. It's not easy to define 'bad...