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The Orange Building is back.  Wait, I think the last one was The Green Building, but they accomplish the same thing.  They let the many workmen have a place to go that is not in a corner of my backyard!     Construction is on going and little Clayton's yard is a rock mess....
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Yesterday I did this. I planted all of this stuff and I thought I would not be able to move today but I'm fine! I have to share the space with our gas meter and the neighbors gas meter but that is fine. I just planted my cucumbers aroud them and will use to hang cuke's off of. Yes, yes I know that...
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Monday! February 20, 2012...egad...time is sure flying by. The weekend was pretty quiet and yesterday was just beautiful giving us the hint that spring is truly almost here. Saturday when The Hubby and I were leaving town for the cabin I had him stop at Atwoods for some onion sets and seed potatoes...