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A couple of weeks ago, the Accord nameplate fell off the back of my 1998 Honda. The next day, a small spider built her web over the driver’s window. I’d been thinking about a new car. Was someone trying to tell me something? My conscience told me to get a hybrid. But I was disappointed by the...
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  On the first day of first grade in the mid-1950s, I looked at the blackboard, where Miss Wheeler (dark hair, red lipstick, high heels) had written the date in flowing feminine script. It registered in a decisive kind of way. It was an official beginning. Or ending. Up until then, I’d...
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Arnold Jansen op de Haar was inspired by Allen Ginsberg poem Howl this week and here are a few of the gems this produced: Ginsberg’s ‘best minds’ were also the very first hippies. For the vast majority of adolescents it was simply 1955 and rather boring. Howl was a pamphlet against consumerism and...
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Aug. 19, 2010... 6PM-CST... "A Boomers Social Life" with our "Guest" Lou Macaluso, Founder of Clown Town Communications Company, Speaker and Author of "Clown Town" on "Aging Outside the Box®" Radio Show with National Author/Writer/Syndicated Columnist/Speaker...
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Terrific review of Rock 'N' Roll Soldier on Boomerocity.com, a website devoted to all things Baby Boomer! Nice way to start the week...
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We tend to feel good (don't we?)when we read a book describing a societal pattern that we already know about, but it's nice anyway to have company to confirm our experience. If, for example, you're reading the just published "The Hourglass Solution: A Boomer's Guide to the Rest of Your Life,...
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Have you never been mellow? Do you like Mondays? Is it ecstacy when you lay down next to me? Since I'm still in the throes of ugly, ugly rhinovirus and good for naught, we'll just work on getting this over with quickly, 'kay? From Hands Across the Water to Puppy Love, it's Part Two of The Annals...
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