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As I mentioned in a previous post, I’ll be one of a great group of writers to read at Leela European Café on April 9th in Denver. I’ve done a few readings in the past, despite the live aspect being something writers don’t often get to experience. I’ve been lucky, I guess. I am perhaps more...
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I stood in a drafty bathroom, brushing my hair -- I'm so insecure about it, it's half grown-out and won't part the way I want it to -- freshening my lipstick and preparing to go onstage, so to speak. I was at the wonderful Women and Children First bookstore in a cool Chicago neighborhood ready for...
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Lou helped me create the slide show for next week's panel in Chicago.  He's tech-savvy, this blessed husband of mine.  This morning we put together the Power Point slides for the poetry presentation at AWP.   Technology is not my friend, and I cried while we sat composing the slides of Horb,...