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I was reading again this morning the story of Nicodemus. You remember it, don’t you? The fellow who came to Jesus at night, full of affection for Jesus, but full of questions and confusion, too. Why at night? Why did he come at night instead of during the daylight hours? “Because he was a secret...
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The delays…interruptions…to your important life, as well as mine, are quite frustrating, are they not? Who hasn’t experienced a flight delay? A mechanical problem? A cancelled flight? Or, a traffic jam? Or, having to wait in the checkout lane? They’re everywhere. They’re a nuisance. They interfere...
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Awaken The awakening I get when I waken with you is this wakening like heaven with sunshine and smiles and pillows and blankets too
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If you must struggle to awaken, you won't. Salvation, enlightenment, awakening - it really does not matter what label you wish to give it - to wake up to who you really are...to your spiritual oneness with Life itself, takes no effort whatsoever. You are awake already. What else is GRACE, if not...
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What does it mean to be what easterners describe as awakened, enlightened, transformed, or as the Evangelical Christians say, "born again, saved, and converted?" Who knows?  This much I do know.  Virtually every religious tradition has coined words and concepts to tell the story of their...
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On Saturday, May 23, 2009, I participated in The Awakened Mind Project Seminar in Winchester, Virginia.  This was an important seminar for all participants, and the people whose lives will be (indirectly) touched by it. The purpose of this movement is to awaken us from the slumber of unconscious...
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What is my purpose? I ask. I listen with more than a ear. Why am I here? What can I learn? How can I earn? Oh, I do yearn! How can I teach? Whom do I reach? I know I want to serve. Yes! Serve all with verve! -En JOY/Abby (((HUGE HUGS))) *** "...
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Namaste. : ) Love IS NOW! : ) Thank You. : ) We Are One Love/Life Now! Wake up in Love! We Are here to give and receive Love, to teach and learn Love. All unlike Love is not Real and is a call for more Love. Love more now. Allow more Love now. Give more Love...