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Life is Feeling   All experience comes from feeling. There is not an experience you have that does not come from feeling. You cannot exist without feeling. Your biology is created to experience feeling.  It is an antenna for feeling. You cannot not feel; it is impossible and when you deny...
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  Powerless   I am powerless without your presence Don’t leave me and go even at once You have come to my by hard efforts I have feeling of joy when ships anchor at ports   You always gently swung the pendulum Person comes in the form and can’t remain mum Your presence is seen and...
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I awake in the bare bedroom, the shade pulled full down over the room’s lone window. Yet the day is bright and the sun casts a thin wall of radiance past the shade’s edge, cutting the room into two triangles. Lying on my side, peeking past the pillow’s upraised corner with one eye I see through...
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1. Awake maybe 10 minutes, barely moving, luxuriating. Amazing! After a whole night it still feels so good. 2. Say ”Whoa!” You sense things are out of balance. You’re jumpy, irritable, one-track mind. Some symptom pops up. Your posture declines. 3. Real humor is seeing yourself as the fall-guy in...
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While all religions share the same essential purpose, all of them are failing miserably.  They start out right, but end up obsessed with matters of lesser importance and are, in some instances, just plain insane.  Observe for yourself and this is what you will see: Instead of bridge to God,...