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Tim Lawrence's new book, Hold Onto Your Dreams is a highly readable account of deceased composer Arthur Russell's personal and professional journey through life. From his original search for enlightenment which took him from his hometown of Oskaloosa, Iowa to San Francisco at the height of the 60s...
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Apple Mail crashes -- suddenly unable to send or receive mail. Why? Turns out if you have more than 2,000 emails stored in your Inbox, Apple Mail may balk. I'm excessive... over 4,000 emails, many with little red flags declaring my intention of reading, responding to to to to... And it's taken more...
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A Map Through the Mines of My Book 30 04 2009 By Lissa Kiernan @ Arsenic Lobster [two excerpts]: The book’s 60 poems, in savant-like methodical brilliance, are arranged in alpha-order and prefaced by a quote from Virginia Woolf’s cross-dressing, sex-...
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"The Burden of Happiness" by Orna Ben-Shoshan Ekleksographia #2 Diana Adams Cynthia Arrieu-King with Hillary Gravendyk Anny Ballardini Jeanne Marie Beaumont Dan Boehl Alexander Dickow Linh Dinh Tomas Ekström Erica Miriam Fabri Farrah Field Adam Fieled Annie Finch Ossian...