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August 25    AUTUMN     The falling leaves slap my hand as I ride the road at fifty miles per, my arm dangling The trees are shedding their masquerade Exposed they stand stark, stripped Naked to the soul The growth of this year's yearning waves on the fringe I can follow this lead Remove pretense...
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Scarlet, yellow, green and gold Flaming in the evening cold, Sparked by fires of the sun Flinted from the atom's gun.   How do these images ignite Within a mystery, a light?   Inside the whole, the nought can see Black holes in the approaching night. 
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The sun is warm on my face, but the breeze coming off the water is cool and causes my shoulders to hunch a little in my too-light jacket. Autumn is here and my heart is light. The leaves on the trees are riotous in their spectacular colors and my eyes can't get enough of seeing. The park is nearly...
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One of the reasons to be in France in the autumn is to eat wild mushrooms. There is a long tradition of mushroom foraging in France and just last week the television featured a story about harvesting mushrooms in the forest of Fontainebleau. This forest, which surrounds the chateau, is not far from...
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Dust and soot greeted me on my return. I could have pitched a tent. My gypsy self came back...to what? It had been a longish time away from home. I ran my fingers over the table top. A tiny film of black stared at me. The portion where I had run my finger was now bare glass; I could now see...
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This is a short poem for election day.   as i drive northwardin early novembera diversity of colorexplodes against cloudsin a clearing autumn skywhile yellow kudzulike conservatismwithers on the vine
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Autum Retreat Reflections #1, an excerpt from That Which Awakens Me by Ananda Leeke. Copyright 2008 by Madelyn C. Leeke. It's Saturday, September 13, nine days before the autumn equinox. My watch informs me that it is only 9:40 a.m. My ego shouts loudly in my head: Why the hell did you bring me...
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Last weekend we escaped Paris for the day to visit our friends Lise and Franck in Verdon a tiny village, more a gathering of houses as there isn't even a café/bar, in the champagne region. It was a cool clear day and we drove through the valleys, tinged with autumn colours to their country home....
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Quince is one of my favourite fruits - when raw most varieties are inedible, dry and astringent. While the skin of quinces turns from green to yellow and their flesh softens slightly as they ripen they don't loose their astringency, for that they need cooking.Cooked quinces not only change texture...
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...which means that as usual my family will be making our annual pilgrimage to New England to take in the sights, eat some roasted corn, and do some apple picking (which is always followed up by pie.  Which in turn is always followed up by a general feeling of peace and contentment.).  And yes, I'm...