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Many people associate the end of Summer with the weather and the calendar. While these are two valid associations, they are no longer the dominant ones for me. About the time I started feeling really responsible – for children, employment, an income stream, obligations, a home, a career, and...
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Dear Summer, Letters like these are never easy to write. There is never a good way to say goodbye no matter what the circumstances may be. Although I can say our parting this year comes as a sweet farewell and one that will result in no tears; only joy.  The past three months of unbearable heat...
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Summer-time has turned the star-wheel,autumn is upon us. from Hymn #73, Chant of the Seasons, Singing the Living Tradition, the Unitarian hymnal As September comes, so goes summer. It's all right with me. I like fall, actually, the smoky smell of leaves and the bright and beautiful colors of maple...
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As a child, I used to become increasingly morose as the end of summer approached. But not for the reason you might think.   I marked the progress of summer by events, starting in June with the annual two-week stay with my dad in the city. Then on to the fourth of July, when I got to pick out all...
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The last day of August has always been rough for me. Something about the back-to-school hubbub, the change in seasons, the ebbing daylight that brings on a panic of sorts. Not certain if it's a fear of losing my embrace on summer or one of not being prepared for the slap of autumn's speed. This is...
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  Midnight sky so dark,    How quiet the shining stars.   Autumn is foretold.
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The dogs irritate with their restless pacing about the kitchen and now and then they come over to push up against my legs as if to prompt me into action. The day does nothing to inspire an outing though, overcast and dull, it reminds me of late Autumn when the lull, that period of indecision hangs...
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Hey!  Red Room may have its site located in the northern hemisphere, but, ' guys and gals, you impact an entire planet...and just in case you missed the facts of life - IT'S AUTUMN IN THE SOUTHERN HEMISPHERE.'  So, why not  ask us to write about the equinox?  Now that's a planetary item - the...
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(c) 2009 Jeanne Powell"In Search of Autumn"all rights reserved   My birthday season is AUTUMN, a source of great joy, and not just because of warm hugs, great presents and free lunches.  It's about the season, easily the most beautiful and bountiful one Nature has given us in those...
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Today the third of November is the first sunny day we have had in almost a week.The sky is a deep cobalt blue and the trees are alight with gold. It is also the first anniversary of Barack Obama's election to the presidency. And I am happy he has made it this far without some nut assassinating him...