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"But it really happened." I was in an adult-ed writer's group when I first heard this. I watched the woman become tenser and grimmer as the class-gently and with compassion-suggested that the gruesome events on the page could be presented in a manner more conducive to engaging the reader...
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This is an excerpt of my upcoming novel Among Women to be published later this year, 2010.   Among Women by J. M. Cornwell     1 Stranded: New Orleans Style   The alarm bell clanged, calling Pearl Caldwell away from the nightmare where she was cold, hungry, broke and...
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Here I am in my new life. A life that six months ago I would not have imagined. But, as with earthquakes, I suppose the ground was quietly shifting at subterranean levels for years. When the quake itself happens, we are taken by surprise. It feels as though the earth's violent movement has come...