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Kirkus Reviews asked me out of the blue if I'd like to write about "How I Did It"--about how I achieved a level of success as an independent publisher. Considering that I've been knocking on Kirkus's door for years to have a book reviewed there, this was a nice surprise. Here's what I wrote for...
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I have a good friend who has recently hit a publishing wall. She's a great writer, with a published book that was nominated for a major award. Her writing inspires me. Now she has a second book out on submission and the process is killing her confidence in the unique way that only the...
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This morning I was reading Seth Godin’s blog, and I found his topic pertinent in particular to achieving our writing goals. He talked about the different conversations going on in our heads and gave the voices names: The ego–seeks applause and recognition. The lizard–seeks safety, wants to...
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  Write out of love, write out of instinct, write out of reason. But always for money.— Louis Untermeyer   When I was enrolled in the Engineering program at the University of Alberta, I failed English three years in a row. In fact, I received the lowest mark possible on a grading curve...
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I am still amazed by how many letters I have received from individuals who told me that they parted ways with their employer after reading one of my books. The first letter or two I received in this regard made me feel somewhat uncomfortable, at the same time hoping that no one would sue me with a...