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“Ask the birds, ask the beasts and they will teach you.” - Job 12: 7-10, My two grandmothers were in many ways women who could not have been less alike.  Our paternal Grandmother Menzies (hereafter Grandma M) had been born in 1896 in the Los Angeles of orange groves and blue skies, the...
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I wrote up a version of this entry more than a year ago but never ended up posting it. This time, here goes: It's been a little more than two years now that I've had Moz. He's a cranky lovable 25-and-counting pound Maine Coon. I nearly gave him back after The Mauling the day after he came to live...
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Chico is such a silly little dog.  He's a ten year old dashund/terrier that lives in his own little world.  Our family refrain for him is: "Chico lives in Chico land."  This is the best way to explain his personality, and you'd understand completely if you met him. When he first sees you...