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  When Ms. Clevis, mild-mannered science teacher, accidentally spikes her smoothie with lab chemicals, something seriously strange happens at Washington Irving Elementary. Ms. Clevis isn't Ms. Clevis anymore; one moment she's Jackie the sweet sixth-grader and the next she's the evil-doing...
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    In Four Secrets, award-winning author Margaret Willey’s latest young adult novel, Katie, Nate, and Renata, middle-school outsiders, are in juvenile detention. Their crime? Kidnapping Chase, the school bully who seems to know everyone’s secrets and delights in tormenting tiny,...
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    Soccer-playing fifth-grader Skye's plans to join the all-star team are nixed when her Japanese father's family relocates to Virginia from Japan. While her ailing grandfather receives cancer treatments, Skye must now take frustrating Japanese language lessons and look after her...
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  "I have always been a puzzler," tells children's author Eric Berlin. "When I was a kid, I would buy puzzle books from the Scholastic book club and sit on the blacktop at recess and solve them. I know exactly when and where I bought my first issue of Games, the magazine that was hugely...
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What if you were a geeky twelve-year-old relentlessly tormented by the Vikings, the bullying buffoons at your middle school? And what if your super-scientist mom happened to be working on a top-secret cloning potion that would enable you to send a duplicate You to school while you play video games...
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  Kelly Milner Halls was always the weird kid, "the kid who asked too many questions, the kid who couldn't stop talking to her neighbors, the kid who couldn't find a book she wanted to read," she confesses on her website, www.wondersofweird.com. But when Halls discovered in high school...
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  If it fits, it's yours—or is it? And where exactly do you fit when your world is quickly shifting around you? Those questions are at the core of the poignant and semi-autobiographical Bigger than a Bread Box, author Laurel Snyder's latest middle grade novel. Twelve-year-old Rebecca's...
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If you have children or are even remotely clued in to the kidlitosphere, chances are you’ve run across Dan Santat’s work. As an illustrator, he’s provided the art for a slew of young readers’ faves, including Lisa Yee’s Bobby vs. Girls (Accidentally) (Arthur A. Levine/Scholastic, 2009) and Mac...
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  Consuela slipped a second finger alongside the first, parting the skin at the back of her skull easily… Her fingers broke through, melting a line of cool heat down her back. Her body opened like the seam of a sandwich bag. She felt the cold kiss of air on her naked spine. Almost without...