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I am so grateful that I get to do what I love. Seriously, as a fulltime freelance writer and publishing consultant, even in these tumultuous times where the industry has suffered many job losses, I am surviving. In addition, I’m pleased that my novel, my print-on-demand albeit multi-award winning...
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Pinched from Chris Dolley's blog because I'm up to my elbows in floor tile adhesive... FlyCon – the worldwide online SF/F con – starts today at midnight (Australia, EST) and 9am (US Eastern Time) and finishes at 5pm Monday in Australia and around midnight the day before in San Francisco. Panels...
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So far, writing a best seller has eluded me. True, I've written several works that have been well received, including poetry, plays, books, articles, even a "how to," but no best seller yet. It's all a matter of timing, I've been told. You have to write the book five minutes before the...
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Ignored, yes. Disparaged, yes. Ridiculed, yes. Fired, no. I guess that's a plus.
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I just came out of an extended period in what my staff (The Pack) refers to as "Black Ops." My pack, my friends, and my family all know that when I am on deadline for a book, I don't answer the phone, I don't open my email (I have most of email forwarded to one of The Pack), and, except...
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I'm in that limbo that many authors find themselves in. I have a publisher - Adams Media - for whom I wrote two books in the last few years: The Everything Blogging Book and Streetwise Ecommerce. But I'm antsy to get another book out there, and my current publisher can't rally interest in it. I'm...
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I remember once reading an article in the New York Times about an artist. This artist put sperm to canvas. Yes, that's right folks, no misspelling or senior moment. I said SPERM. Now many of you may have the same knee-jerk reaction I did when reading it… yuck. Who the hell would buy something like...
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     It's only around four hours since I left the Mark Hopkins Hotel atop Nob Hill after spending three very intense days at the 2009 San Francisco Writer's Conference, attending workshops, networking, taking in keynote talks from established writers, enjoying great meals, and getting feedback from...
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This is the beginning of the story of an autobiography, from when it was accepted ( months ago) to the time when it will be published ( some months from now). The working title is Undue Process but I have decided I don't like that anymore and am going to change it back to Excessomania. Because that...
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Hello All: If you have gotten to this blog than you are familiar with my novel, Courage of Fear. If you are not, please visit the pages of my website (www.beboyer.com) to review info on me and Courage of Fear. The daily inspirational quotes got so popular on myspace  I decided to start a blog to...