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Swati Avasthi was my guest of today's A Book and a Chat, one of the wonderful group of authors who have there debut novel in 2010. Her novel “Split” is a powerful story, centering on a teenage victim of domestic violence, something, as we heard from Sawti, and discussed in some details she has...
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Writer Dawn Aldrich, author of the children's picture book Auntie's House, is working on a nonfiction book for adult daughters of divorce. Here, she talks about deadlines, accountability and audience. AA: How do you feel about deadlines that also demand a shift in different writing styles? DA: Now...
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Writers: Making a Living Off of Kindle? By Jeff Rivera on Apr 19, 2010 01:12 PM So much media attention has been given to the iPad and to eBooks lately that it made GalleyCat wonder aloud: Is it possible for an author to make a living from selling eBooks? Author, J.A. Konrath of the Jack Daniels...
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Peake Archive Takes British Library To New Heights Mervyn Peake, Self-portrait, submitted to the Royal Academyin 1931. Now in the National Portrait Gallery.(All Images Courtesy of the Mervyn Peake Estate, mervynpeake.org ) He's been been likened to Tolkien, Dickens, Kafka, and Poe, but the work...
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Want access to news about all the authors and great deals at Solstice?  Sign up for their free newsletter today!  Also take advantage of a coupon that will give you $5.99 back for every $18.00 you spend.  You can buy at least three ebooks for that price and get one or more free.  www....
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Just a reminder that I'll be at Ad Astra in Toronto this weekend--and other than leaving summer in New York for winter in Ontario, I'm really looking forward to it.  I'm on the following panels: Friday, April 9, 9:00 p.m., Salon 343--Same Old Settings, with Rick Wilber, Karina Sumner-Smith,...
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Tip # 18 is up on my blog and it talks about not rushing a good thing when it comes to your writing.  A very valuable lesson to learn.  Stop by, check it out and share your ideas.  www.kellyabellbooks.com
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Come by and visit me this week and check out my interview with Solstice Publishing. http://solsticepublishing.blogspot.com/ Leave a comment and be entered into drawing to win a free copy of Sealed In Lies so you can be ready when book two in the In Lies series comes out in June.  Also my books are...
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Kelly is being interviewed by Solstice Publishing at their blog site.  Stop by this week and leave a comment. All Comments will be entered for a chance to win an ecopy of Sealed In Lies as a prelude to when Captured In Lies, Book II in the In Lies series which will be released in June. Click here...
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By Philip Boroff March 31 (Bloomberg) -- Five months ago, Chad Harbach was an out-of-work copy editor with an unpaid position at a literary journal and an unpublished novel: 475 pages centering on a baseball team at a fictional Wisconsin college. A few weeks ago, Hachette Book Group’s Little,...