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Just got the release date for OUT OF THE SHADOWS. August 2011 Samhain Publishing will be releasing the first in the new series, SHADOW WARRIORS. I am totally over the moon right now. It feels like I just wrote it. Seriously, I wrote it six months ago. I am so happy to see it being released the same...
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Readers of my newspaper lost a graceful, elegant essayist, I lost a father-in-law, and the world lost a gifted teacher and aviator when Stanley Peter Andersen passed away on November 5, 2006.  He was 84.             I’m not the right guy to write a proper obituary for Dr. Andersen, and this isn’t...
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I have taken one Creative Writing course. And got the credit. I've attended a few week long Writers Workshops and have instructed at same.  These short bursts are fine (if, for no other reason, they offer some socializing). To take a couple of years at something comparable would be fine if the...
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Check out my audio recording for my author name pronunciation at TeachingBooks.net! You'll find out how I got my last name. I'm honored that they asked me. (beaming)
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Stop by my website and check out this quick tip on recognizing passive voice and tense issues given to me by my editor on Jewels of Hera.  Check it out and I hope it helps.http://www.kellyabellbooks.com/apps/blog/
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Lately I've become more aware of something that has been true for many years.  It's about how I dream.  In my dreams, I am often two places at once.  I am a character, or at least sharing the consciousness of a character to some degree; and at the same time, I am observing, screenwriting, directing...
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There’s a castle in Texas?  Pythian Home - Weatherford, Texas Looks can be deceiving, castles still need funding.   Texas not known for large castles but there’s one, the Pythian Home in Weatherford. I recently had the opportunity to visit and spend time with the children that live there. I was...
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ACADEMIC ZODIAC & RTRRT Recommended Publications Copyright © 2008 by Klaudio Zic, all rights reserved. http://www.lulu.com/astrology ACADEMIC ZODIAC The academic Zodiac offers 22 IAU constellations as framed within the Cartesian house system along with the current ascendant...
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I've just begun the editing process on my new book Jewels of Hera coming out from kNight Romance Publishing in October 2011.  I received an email from my editor that I've posted on my Writing Tips for Writers blog.  Man I wish I'd had this one email years ago.  Stop by and check it out and I hope...
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I just added a great new author to my Featured Author's page.  Stop by and take a look.  If you like erotic romance, The Mask is a great short story to read and the proceeds go to one of A.D. Stewarts friends in need.  Great Read and a worthy cause.  One of A.D.'s friends suffered a tragic accident...