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...and I am a lot more human than I thought. I've been meaning to talk about my experiences at the Taos Writers' Spa 2008 for the last two weeks, but it has taken me a while to process them. I know I should have written about it as it was happening, but I was pretty overwhelmed by the richness of...
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Robert Bulwer-Lytton, who set the stage on a dark and stormy night, epitomizes a human curse. He has succumbed to the human desire for, and its memory of, the negative. He will ever be associated for his purple prose of "It was a dark and stormy night." However, he had an astute mind and...
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“Writing is like prostitution. First you do it for love, and then for a few close friends, and then for money.” — Moliere After the joy that was NaNoWriMo last November, when my family and I agreed I could throw everything into those 30 days and write a novel, I’ve worked on many writing projects...
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Aug 23, 2008 – "Have You Seen The Stars Tonite" includes 179 photos, 527 pages, over 700 set lists from the Jefferson Starship's live appearances, a list of all the documented songs performed, the first appearance, any special versions, guest appearances, the dates of services of the band...
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These stars shine brightly even during the day!  Have You Seen the Stars Tonite?   Have You Seen The Stars Tonite (Jefferson Starship Flight Manual 1974-78 & J.S. The Next Generation 1992-2007) By Craig Fenton Publisher Create Space U.S.A. August 2008 ISBN-10: 1438245343 ISBN-13: 978-...
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On Friday, August 15th, I had my first taped TV interview as an author. The interview will appear at various times in September on a Denver Cable Channel 8 television show called "Off the Page" hosted by an Aurora librarian. The show airs in nine markets around the...
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I've only now had the chance to post my report on Days Three and Four of GenCon...long drives and short sleep will do that to you, I find. But better late than never, so here goes: Saturday brought a panel on the small press, on which I presented--and we had a good turnout, particularly considering...
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I've been running around so much I haven't had time to post before now, but I'm at least keeping my promise to give you an update at some point. We got here on Wednesday night (I suggest getting a four day pass if you can afford the time and cost, as there is a lot to see and do), and on Thursday...
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I'm back from a two-week vacation to Palm Springs, Northern California, and Minnesota--and all to visit family.  This year, the once-planned-for trip to Europe had to be pushed ahead to some murky future date thanks to the present economy.  Not only have we've seen our savings dwindle with higher...
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My web pages is up and running and already sold a book. Go to http://www.crawldog.com/michaelsaundersauthor and check it out. Let me know what you think.