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Like many folks, I often read several books at once. Since I start out reading say four new books and having a couple of old stand bys on my nightstand (odd word nightstand, meaning neither of the words which comprise it, really), I sometimes have a day when I finish multiple books all at once....
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When I got into this game, everyone told me (and don't make me explain who 'everyone' is) that I need a website so people can find out about my books. So I spring for a domain name and a host, then spend umpteen hours (and copious amounts of frustration) designing a site.  Next, 'everyone' tells me...
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The Four Ms. Bradwells is going into a second printing eight days before it even comes out. I would explain how this happens if I knew, but I don't. I just know it's very good news. It comes on the heels of a lovely piece yesterday which calls it "a thriller of a whodunit, a tender love story...
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This week's pre-publication taks: finalize press release materials and tour details. I had a lovely chat with Lisa Barnes from Random House about book tour cities and travel details, among other things. We finalized a lovely press release and cover letter for The Four Ms. Bradwells (really, when I...
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When I was first doing the submissions/rejections thing, I had an idealistic vision of post-publication life. That is, I thought it would be pretty much the same as before. I would have a book with my name on it, but other than that I'd still be sitting in the same chair, writing another novel at...
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A year ago this past December, I hired a professional to revamp my website. He did a terrific job, adding several nice bells and whistles. One was Stat Counter, so I can check how many hits the site gets per day, how long each visitor stays, where they come from and how many are repeat visitors....
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     Who Will Watch Government When All The Journalists Are Laid Off?            The loss of advertising revenue for daily newspapers has resulted in the lay- off of experienced journalists as a way to control costs.          As news papers continue to shrink and more focus is paid to the Web...
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Check me out, my website is up and running so feel free to leave me a guess book text message or a snapvine voice recorded message about my books. Also learn some interesting facts about me on my bio. www.theauthorscdickens.com
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The big news of the day is that the website for supernatural thriller River Runs Red is up! River Runs Red goes on sale at the end of September from Penguin/Jove. It’s a very loose follow-up to Missing White Girl, and a precursor to next year’s Cold Black Hearts, but they are linked only by their...
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So I've been trying to think of what the most appropriate kind of opening post (beyond the usual Greetings fare, which doesn't really count) would be for this brand new site. I mean, most people are blog savvy by now, and they're going to expect something insightful at best, passably entertaining...