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One of the challenges of being a self published writer, as I have might I have mentioned previously, is the marketing aspect of things.  It can be a challenge, without a big budget and the right contacts, to get your book and your name out there.  Social media has certainly helped, in...
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    Conditions pertinent to writer’s block, which I prefer to call being stuck:   You are writing something, or many things, and are dissatisfied with what you’re doing.   You want to write and can’t get going.   You don’t want to write but think you should.   You...
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If You Liked My Book, You’ll Love These Six writers on their favorite reading, genre by genre.   Beach reads don’t have to be new best sellers or formulaic romances. In fact, summer is the perfect time to dig deep into books, classics and otherwise, you’ve missed. We asked exemplary authors...
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We asked Penguin Group authors to tell us which books they are giving, and which books they'd most like to receive this holiday season. Our inboxes were immediately flooded with emails about books they can't wait to share with their loved ones—books for all ages, new and old, from publishers...