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Are you an aspiring author? Want to find out what really happens on a book tour, why the book tour is a dying breed, and what's here to replace it? Read "The Horrible Truth About Book Tours" here.
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I'm teaching a class on performing your writing at the Writing Salon this summer: Reading, Performing or Presenting in Public: Let Your Voice Be Heard   Saturday, July 14th, 10 am to 4 pm ($95 members/$110 others)  San Francisco “I used to be terrified to speak in public,” says...
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Independent literary events are an indication of the vibrancy of a literary community. Table 1, below, identifies three readings that I attend regularly and recommend because they are well organized, well attended, and maintain high standards of both reading quality and respect for readers....
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I'm writing from Nebraska City - I'll be here 4 weeks, writing, editing, reading and engaged in thoughtful relaxation with a healthy mix of merrymaking. Oh, and I also receive a weekly stipend. My bedroom and office are perfect. I never want to leave. Jenni and Pat, who take charge of this...
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Another Litquake is upon us! I remember that very first one 12 years ago when it was still called Litstock, and held one late afternoon at the bandstand at Golden Gate Park amidst chilly winds, a sandstorm and fog. Ah, nostalgia....!   So, here's a little something to amuse oneself en route,...
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"At Mother Laurie's House of Bliss" just got accepted for the anthology "The Ladies of Trade Town" edited by Lee Martindale, forthcoming 2011 from Norilana Books. The antho has an intriguing concept - sf/f (nonerotic) about sex workers. My story is something new for me, namely,...
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  All authors can regale with tales of readings they have given. I have sometimes wondered if it might not be a topic which could allow the hungry and thirsty author to cage food and drink in bars and pubs. "You want to hear something funny . . . well, I've got a hundred of them." That...
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Back in rainy Northern Cal after a gorgeous week of spring sunshine on the East coast and am having no problem ignoring the cold and gloom. The truth is, I’m still flying high from being back in my old hometown (Washington D.C.). While the trees weren’t as far along as I’d expected, every bush...
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  From 10:30 to 10:40 p.m. Eastern time, I will read from Past Imperfect for the Passionate Internet Voices Talk Radio's (PIVTR) Read-a-thon. I've chosen a pretty hot spot to read. Come one. Come all. Listen and enjoy. A test will be given tomorrow. Go to http://internetvoicesradio.com/home....
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I would be very interested in knowing some of your favorite bookstores and why you like them.  It would be great if you read A Venery of Books. It gives some information about the book business.  But if you love a chain or online shopping, please tell us that too.