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Smart partnering for success on Pinterest, new research as to why someone becomes a fan of a business page (like yours!) on Facebook, and more in this week's social media news for writers.
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I have the enigmatic and talented Vincent Zandri today as my guest at Red Room because he is such an icon and I’d like to give Red Room readers a chance to find out about him if you don’t already.   Let me tell you his story.  Vincent was published traditionally by a big publishing house.  I...
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There is nothing more stressful than promoting your book, right? Wrong! It is promoting a book before it even hits the stands. That is the advice I have heard from countless authors, as well as, my agent. Everyone says not to wait to the last minute to get your name out there and start hocking your...
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What great ideas! The NY TImes reports on ways to "sign" your e-books for your fans. This will be great for all the Kindle and Smashwords readers of A Gift for the Sultan (and other things that I will be publishing shortly — watch this space). Authors Sign eBooks Electronically - NYTimes....
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This may seem almost too shameless, but it makes sense.  I believe you will get a clear picture of what I am driving at by the time you get done reading this blog post. Start here.  Go to my shared post at Gather.com.  It's the post on economies of scale.  I directed at business professionals. ...
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SFContario has been and gone so here’s the wrap up. The glorious queen of all, she who is my sun and moon, the beloved monarch of my heart, she who must be obeyed, ;-) my wife Joy, and I managed to get to the Ramada Plaza Hotel for about 1:30 pm. The Hotel staff were uniformly polite and...
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Check out this new site I found...it's totally worth the visit!!  http://previewthebook.com/book.php?id=2364
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At a recent San Francisco fundraiser for Narrative Magazine, Tobias Wolff, sharing the podium with Amy Tan, spoke of tempered author-envy over the lines around the block for Amy's book-signing events. "You have to love someone a lot not to want to kill her when the waiting line stretches all...