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I believe a blog represents the one essential element in an author’s marketing toolbox. First and foremost, it’s your author website. Additionally, from this foundation you promote your book in a variety of ways not only on the blog but to all your social media accounts. You can even write your...
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I’m privileged to be interviewed this weekend on a fascinating website called MAJK INK. Melody-Ann Jones Kaufmann asked me some very thoughtful questions about writing and my Incomplete Passes friends. If you’d like to go behind the scenes with IP and also meet Melody-Ann, a multitalented woman who...
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I am hosting Week 20 of our author blog hop which features five authors with great books and their links. Drop by and check out the ten questions I answered about my book, Slave Trader. Love to hear from you. http://billiemccoy.blogspot.com.au/
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Some may say simple writers may not be able to build their own website, and have it look professional-grade. But I disagree. I think if you can structure a 80 – 100,000 word novel to lure a reader through a story to page 380, and you can bake a cake from a box, then you can build your own...
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Something happened in outerspace, a cosmic ollision of two entities meeting and smashing into each other and forming an entire universe. That's what it is like when creating a romance weaved around the futuristic world of aliens and space pirates. Check out Meet and Author Monday and find out how...
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What makes a good book? What makes it hang around for so many years? Why is it that some books you are unable to put down? Many people have speculated on the answer to this question. Personally, I’m not so sure what makes a book timeless. Let us speculate together. When you cannot put a book down,...
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Please feel free to follow my literary blogs at 1.Google Blog http://www.annettedunlea.blogspot.com Annette Dunlea Novelist Author's Literary Blog  My site is Librarything.com create your own elibrary complete with profile, catalogue your favourite books, author book giveaways and keep all your...
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Here in the Rocky Mountains, we've had record winds. Over at the tiny hamlet of Ward, not but a dozen miles as the raven flies, they clocked the blasts last week at 108mph. That's hurricane force, by anyone's standards. The weather-person says it's the La Niña jet stream that's causing this...
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I suffer from a compulsion which seems impossible, even though I'm fully aware of it, to stop. Oh, it's not as bad—I hope not—as, say, picking one's feet on the subway, or consuming a tub of Sinful Chocolate Ice Cream to accompany one of those 'why me?' sessions. On the other hand, I don't seem to...
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                                                             For Immediate Release                                                Contact Information:    Brenda Farrar-Ejemai...