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My novel, Moonbeam Highway, finally received its Authonomy review. I thought it was quite positive and helpful, giving me much to think about, and some direction for a new rewrite. Bear it in mind that the reviewer only read the first ten thousand words, so some of what she says is mere speculation...
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Following a slow but steady rise to the all time number 2 position June 1, Harper Collins has selected my novel, Moonbeam Highway for editorial review. It is currently the all time most popular novel of the Literary Fiction genre on Authonomy, where few writers work in that genre. For anyone who...
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Being on Authonomy is like having a heart-attack.  You resist the idea and, then, when it's happening you absolutely refuse the idea.  Finally, you admit it is happening and you want someone to do something about it.  Disjointed anthology?  To be sure, but, I'll eventually make a point. Authonomy...
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The first seven chapters of Rise of the Ancients - Annuna (coming July 31st) are now being featured on Harper Collins Authonomy! If you're a member please add me to your watch list! http://www.authonomy.com/ViewBook.aspx?bookid=9516    
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In the interest of full disclosure, I got this idea from a priest.  He was discussing belief and how God wants to help you fulfill your spiritual yearning.  So he says, “You know, you hear how a drug dealer will give out little packs, little tastes of a drug.  To entice, to hook, to get you to come...
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Well, the cat's out so I figured I'd opine. Some months ago, during a routine submission to HARPER COLLINS, I discovered the beta test for their recently unveiled AUTHONOMY website. In a nutshell the site is a virtual slush pile, inviting writers of any level to submit works for an extremely broad...
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Strange and bewildering happenings on, three authors from Authonomy, HarperCollins' online slush-pile/social networking site have received contracts for their novels with HarperCollins. The age of the internet sensation continues. It used to be only big name bloggers that got contracts, now the...
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For the past day or so I've been poking around on HarperCollins "Authonomy" site. I had posted an excerpt of my novel there, in the vain hope that I would be able to, as the site's tag line states, "beat the slush". But what I discovered was just another kind of slush.  Virtual...
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Have spent a large part of today focusing on Gelahn the evil mind-executioner in Hallsfoot's Battle and actually it's gone surprisingly well. I now have about 32,800 words under my belt - well, I suppose I do enjoy writing on the dark side best of all, and the mind-executioner is nothing if not...