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Today’s “A Book and a Chat” was lucky to have not one guest in the form of Karen Mueller Bryson who is an award-winning/optioned screenwriter, produced playwright and published novelist. She is also the founder of “Short on Time Books”, fast-paced and fun novels for readers on the go. Ideal...
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    Nola Hennessy, NO TO INTOLERANCE Reading & Brain Power   On Starstyle LIVE 3-4pm PT. Heather & Cynthia champion gay Boy Scout to support him for his Eagle Award, Aussie Nola Hennessy, returns with No Boxing Allowed, and Reading increases brainpower. http://www....
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The power of the written word. If authors ever begin to doubt the effectiveness of their creativity and insight, let them take heed. Fifty Shade of Grey might have given that extra spurt at the finish line. * * * * * * * * * * * * * *  Australian Women Swimming Team Reads ‘Fifty Shades of...
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Sometimes I receive......    read more
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From Trestle Press: Starting Saturday March 10 and running through March 17th Trestle Press and its authors will be having a Buy One Get One Free Sale. All of our titles are included in the sale. All you have to do to get your free story is email us at trestlepress@gmail.com and send us...
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The conclusion to the debut story of Small World Protection Agency is now available from Trestle Press! Down Under ThunderJosh and Madison are two elementary school students that have been recruited by a secret organization known as the Small World Global Protection Agency. In the first...
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    A guest from "down under" comes stateside to parlay peace and harmony on Starstyle®-Be the Star You Are!® with hosts Cynthia Brian and Heather Brittany.  Another day of inspiration, love, and gratitude.    Soar to greatness, be entertained, edutained, and empowered....
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I am pleased to present my schedule for Australia, beginning next week.  I've corresponded with so many of you via email, FB and a blogger over the years.  I'm looking forward to seeing some of you in person. Thursday 1 September 2011 - Melbourne9:15 AM     ...
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Well, I just go the notification from the publisher that my sci-fi novella, The Clean Slate Accord is now available at the Apple stores in: Apple US, Apple UK, Apple France, Apple Germany, Apple Australia, Apple Canada due to Apple installing some new software that uploads e-books quickly from the...
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There is some truth in the old adage “absence makes the heart grow fonder”. Since leaving Australia  to live in Canada last year, I have been reflecting more on my feelings about what was ostensibly my ‘homeland’ for over forty years. I generally steer away from patriotic fervour for a few...