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aurora borealis | aurora borealis

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"You went to Iceland in February?  Why on earth would you go there at that time of year?" My brother would have answered, "I've always wanted to try fresh puffin and whale."   My dad would have replied, "It's the cheapest time to go."  I was 45 years old and I'd never seen...
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  The band of sky that glows above the frothy ice of the big lake could be the reflection of lights from a city, but there is no city.  There's nothing north of here but water and more water: a thousand square miles of water as cold as ice but unfrozen, like a dying sun, like a newly...
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I found myself wide awake in the middle of a twelve hour plane ride returning from six weeks in Israel. I first awoke with a headache I waited and prayed that it would go away but finally had to wake my husband to climb over him to get back to the galley where a kind steward gave me...