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There are times when I am in familiar places, places I go to daily, where somebody will appear who looks different from other people present.  Looking closely I become aware that the brightness around them is not simply their aura or halo, it is that they are not material.  The person I...
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Over the last couple of months I have been tracing and tracking what people are doing with their Solar Plexus Chakra.   This energy centre is where we give out also energy to others.   When this centre becomes drained, we can feel like we have an empty stomach, or that our stomach feels...
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I am sitting on the beach in the "In between" letting sand drift between my fingers as I scoop the fine grains over and over again.   It has been interesting this month really, Auras are changing, people are changing, all of which are fantastic things but there has been a distinct questioning...
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Since childhood, author and wisdom teacher Kala Ambrose has seen the aura around people, animals and nature. As a wisdom teacher, Kala shares her lifetimes of experience and training with her students and in workshops around the country. She teaches others how to see auras and more importantly...
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Three tales of terror and determination, three tales that will encounter evil and struggle for salvation.Heard it all before?  But you haven't read this one.   I'm writing it along with Sapphire Blue Publishing bestselling authors Lisa Pietsch and Heather Long.  I've never written a joint book with...